About this blog

I have been writing about insolvency, bankruptcy, restructuring, workouts, PPSA, trusts, equity and accounting expert law for a number of years. I have written over 300 articles on LinkedIn via #SVVoidables and have amassed a follower base of more than 13,000.

The aim of this blog is to give my followers and those interested in the insolvency world the ability to stay in touch with my writings and have a point of contact to find any old articles I have written.

Please be patient with me, as over the coming next few months, I will continue to add a number of articles I have written from previous years.

Who am I?

I am a lawyer, an accountant and am the founder of the SV Voidables department at the National insolvency firm, SV Partners.

One of my main businesses is in producing solvency reports that help convince Courts and parties to disputes about the true financial picture of a company.

I also run one of the largest unfair preference collection services in the Country. When I’m not collecting, I project manage large voidable transaction disputes for insolvency practitioners or their solicitors, and defending against claims for creditors and directors.

When you next need to unravel a question about company solvency, critique a report from the “other side” or make sense of a liquidator’s report – drop me a line on matthew.hudson@svp.com.au or 07 3310 2029.