February LinkedIn #200postpledge update

Personal #LinkedIn posts by Lawyers and accountants can be pretty amazing for your personal and firm brand.

I had about 180,000 views of my #SVVoidables LinkedIn posts (and 1,200+ likes) for the month of February.

Considering most were practical legal stories or new cases handed down, I am feeling validated about the early morning case reads or story writing.

Last night I attended an event and was telling a lawyer a bit about myself and trying to explain what I do.

I mentioned voidables, and how I prepare expert solvency reports for lawyers, liquidators and clients.

He said to me, you remind me of this guy on LinkedIn who posts all the time under the #SVVoidables and asked if I had come across him.

I almost didn’t have the heart to tell him that person was me.

The power of LinkedIn for lawyers and accountants (and all other professions) is awesome, but unfortunately untapped by many.

Chris Hargreaves and Chris Williams are a wealth of knowledge on getting the most out of LinkedIn – follow them and get in touch.


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