Some feedback I received from a Judge

An interesting aspect to my job is that when I do expert reports, I technically don’t have clients.

My overriding obligation is to the Courts and the rule of law.

So you tend to have to wait for feedback from Courts.

Today, I received such feedback in a judgment from the QLD District Court in relation to a creditor-initiated insolvent trading claim against a shadow director.

The Plaintiff successfully argued that the liquidated company had insolvently traded, and that the Defendant was a shadow director.

I was engaged to prepare the expert insolvency report for the Court.

Judge Porter QC characterised my evidence as:

“[247] Mr Hudson was cross examined extensively by Mrs Thomson. In the course of cross examination, he presented as someone who had undertaken a careful analysis of the evidence before him. He was co-operative under cross examination and not overly defensive of his report. Rather he relied on the reasoning in his report to sustain his conclusions. He generally presented as a credible witness.

[248] Mrs Thomson challenged his report in a number of respects. In my view, none of those challenges undermined either the ultimate conclusion of Mr Hudson’s report …”

The best pat on the back I’ve had in a while!

Case link:

#SVVoidables #ruleoflaw

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