Changes to AusPost imminent

Your local postie will only be delivering mail every second day for the foreseeable future, supposedly due to the significant disruption caused by covid19 on Australia Post (some pundits are calling it 10 years worth of disruption in 1 month).

Link to the AusPost announcement –

Not much detail has been provided yet, but my initial thoughts are that this won’t have a huge impact on the insolvency profession, except when it comes to issuing a notice to creditors for the second Voluntary Administration meeting.

For this meeting you must issue the notice more than 5 business days prior (75-225 IPR-C). If (remember it normally takes about 3-4 business days later for AusPost to process and deliver your letters locally at the best of time):

– on day 1, AusPost are delivering letters and your notice is put in the postbox

– on day 4-5 the letters have been processed and ready to send, but it is not a deliver day (under the new rules)

– therefore, it is not until day 5-6 that the relevant creditor may receive your notice.

… not accounting for weekends or public holidays.

So, to play it safe, and to get as many creditors involved in the meeting, it is important to start issuing your notices as soon as possible (and maybe a day or two earlier than normal).

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