#cryptoinsolvencyseries: Introduction

cryptocurrency exchange and insolvency: what happens to the ‘Crypto Assets’ if an exchange market collapses into a form of insolvency?

Short answer in Australia is that we don’t 100% know yet.

A number of Courts in other Countries have tried to piece this mystery together (including a recent NZ case).

During my cryptoinsolvencyseries I will endeavour to shed light on this (and other) question(s) from both a practical and educational point of view.

Cryptoexchange insol

These posts may take me some time to write, and may not all be in order or consecutive (due to other topics I will be writing about), but I promise to link them together as best I can for you.

INCLUDING: I am working on a flowchart‼️

🚨 FIRST POST COMING TODAY – so stay tuned 🚨

So if you are interested in this topic, please follow:

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bitcoin insolvency auslaw


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