I produce solvency reports that help convince Courts and parties to disputes about the true financial picture of a company.

I run one of the largest unfair preference collection services in the Country. When I’m not collecting, I project manage large voidable transaction disputes for insolvency practitioners or their solicitors, and defending against claims for creditors and directors.

As a result, I know exactly what’s needed to make a claim, or defeat one. One critical piece of evidence needed is a killer expert report to demonstrate the solvency of the company under scrutiny.

For winding up proceedings or voidable transaction claims these reports can be the make-or-break documents which help a case to succeed or doom it to fail.

Whether you need a report from scratch or a critique of one done by another party – I’m the guy to help you out.

I take a #NewAccounting approach to expert reports: no paper, fixed-fee or other options available and a short turnaround. When a new brief comes in, you will typically hear from me within the hour (my expert CV is in my profile).

Just as important though is the quality of the report itself. A report that is a load of gibberish and misses critical information or legal principles won’t help you win your case. You expect it to be both correct, comprehensive and persuasive. That’s what you’ll get from me and my team.

I was raised into the world of business via my family all having founded and successfully run businesses. I am passionate about understanding what does and doesn’t make companies tick.

The insolvency world has given me the perfect foundation to do that.

Via my #SVVoidables, I enjoy posting regular insights on LinkedIn into the practical ways insolvency law impacts real businesses.

And when you next need to unravel a question about company solvency, critique a report from the “other side” or make sense of a liquidator’s report – drop me a line on, 07 3310 2029.